Apex Legends Hitboxes Season 9

Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment, has been a constant source of excitement and thrill for players around the world. With its fast-paced gameplay, unique characters, and dynamic maps, Apex Legends has quickly become a favorite among gamers. In Season 9, the developers have made significant changes to the hitboxes of the legends, which have had a major impact on the gameplay and strategies employed by players.

What are Hitboxes?

Hitboxes, in the context of video games, refer to the invisible boundaries around a character that determine whether an attack or shot successfully connects with them. In Apex Legends, each legend has their own hitbox, which can vary in size and shape. The hitbox affects how easily a player can be hit by enemy fire, with larger hitboxes making it easier for opponents to land shots.

Changes in Season 9

In Season 9, Respawn Entertainment made several adjustments to the hitboxes of the legends in Apex Legends. The primary goal of these changes was to create a more balanced and fair playing field for all characters, ensuring that no legend had a significant advantage or disadvantage due to their hitbox size. The developers carefully analyzed player feedback and gameplay data to identify the legends that needed adjustments.

Legends with larger hitboxes, such as Gibraltar and Caustic, saw a reduction in their hitbox size. This change was aimed at making them less vulnerable and easier to maneuver in intense gunfights. On the other hand, legends with smaller hitboxes, like Wraith and Lifeline, received slight increases in their hitbox size to make them slightly easier to hit, leveling the playing field.

Impact on Gameplay

The changes to hitboxes in Season 9 have had a significant impact on the gameplay dynamics of Apex Legends. With legends like Gibraltar and Caustic having smaller hitboxes, they now have a better chance of surviving encounters and engaging in close-quarter combat without being instantly eliminated. This has made them more viable choices for players who prefer a defensive or tank-like playstyle.

On the other hand, the increased hitbox size for legends like Wraith and Lifeline has made them slightly more vulnerable to enemy fire. Players using these characters now need to be more cautious and strategic in their movements to avoid taking unnecessary damage. It has also made other legends, who previously struggled to hit them, more effective in taking them down.

These changes have led to a more balanced and diverse meta in Apex Legends. Players are now more likely to encounter a variety of legends in matches, with each legend having its own strengths and weaknesses. The hitbox adjustments have also encouraged players to experiment with different legends and playstyles, making the gameplay experience more dynamic and engaging.

Community Feedback

As with any major changes in a game, the adjustments to hitboxes in Season 9 have received mixed feedback from the Apex Legends community. Some players appreciate the efforts made by Respawn Entertainment to address the balance issues and create a fairer gameplay experience. They believe that the changes have increased the skill ceiling of the game and made it more rewarding for skilled players.

However, there are also players who feel that the hitbox adjustments have disrupted the balance of the game and favored certain legends over others. They argue that the changes have made it harder for smaller hitbox legends to survive in gunfights and have given an advantage to legends with larger hitboxes. Respawn Entertainment has been actively monitoring the feedback and making further adjustments based on player input.


The hitbox adjustments in Season 9 of Apex Legends have had a significant impact on the gameplay and strategies employed by players. The changes have aimed to create a more balanced playing field, ensuring that no legend has a significant advantage or disadvantage due to their hitbox size. While the adjustments have received mixed feedback from the community, they have added a new layer of depth to the game and encouraged players to explore different legends and playstyles. As Apex Legends continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how the hitboxes further shape the meta and gameplay dynamics in future seasons.

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