Best Covenant For Arcane Mage In 2023


Arcane Mages in World of Warcraft have always been known for their immense burst damage potential and the ability to control the flow of battle. With the introduction of Covenants in the Shadowlands expansion, Arcane Mages now have the opportunity to further enhance their gameplay through unique Covenant abilities and bonuses. In this article, we will explore the best Covenant choices for Arcane Mages in 2023.

Arcane Mages and Covenants

Arcane Covenant Abilities

Each Covenant in Shadowlands offers a unique ability for Arcane Mages. These abilities provide additional utility and damage potential to complement the Mage’s existing toolkit. Let’s take a closer look at the Covenant abilities available to Arcane Mages:

Kyrian Covenant: Radiant Spark

Radiant Spark is the Kyrian Covenant ability that enhances your next Arcane Blast or Arcane Missiles, dealing increased damage and applying a debuff that increases the target’s vulnerability to your spells. This ability synergizes well with the burst damage playstyle of Arcane Mages, allowing them to unleash devastating attacks on priority targets.

Necrolord Covenant: Deathborne

Deathborne is the Necrolord Covenant ability that transforms the Mage into a powerful skeletal form for a limited time. As Deathborne, the Mage gains increased spell damage, mana cost reduction, and additional Arcane Barrage missiles. This ability is excellent for situations that require sustained damage output and can be a game-changer in both PvE and PvP encounters.

Night Fae Covenant: Shifting Power

Shifting Power is the Night Fae Covenant ability that channels a burst of energy, dealing damage to nearby enemies and generating Arcane Charges. This ability provides Arcane Mages with additional Arcane Charges, allowing them to cast more Arcane Barrage or Arcane Explosion spells. It is particularly useful in situations with multiple targets, making it a strong choice for AoE encounters.

Venthyr Covenant: Mirrors of Torment

Mirrors of Torment is the Venthyr Covenant ability that hurls mirrors at the target, inflicting damage and slowing their movement speed. After a delay, the mirrors also inflict additional damage to the target and nearby enemies. This ability provides Arcane Mages with crowd control and burst damage potential, making it a versatile choice in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Best Covenant for Arcane Mages

Determining the best Covenant for an Arcane Mage depends on various factors, including playstyle, content type, and personal preference. However, based on current simulations and community feedback, the Night Fae Covenant stands out as the top choice for Arcane Mages in 2023. The Night Fae Covenant’s Shifting Power ability synergizes exceptionally well with the Arcane Mage’s gameplay mechanics. The additional Arcane Charges generated by Shifting Power allow for more frequent and impactful Arcane Barrage or Arcane Explosion casts, making it ideal for both single-target and multi-target encounters. Furthermore, the Night Fae Covenant offers additional utility through its Soulshape ability, providing increased mobility and survivability. While the Night Fae Covenant currently shines for Arcane Mages, it’s important to note that balance changes and updates can occur over time. It is always recommended to stay informed about the latest patches and adjustments to ensure that you are making the most optimal Covenant choice for your Arcane Mage.


In conclusion, the introduction of Covenants in the Shadowlands expansion has provided Arcane Mages with exciting new gameplay opportunities. Each Covenant offers unique abilities and bonuses that can enhance the Mage’s performance in various situations. As of 2023, the Night Fae Covenant stands out as the best choice for Arcane Mages due to its synergy with the Mage’s playstyle and the additional utility it provides. Remember to stay updated with the latest changes and patches to ensure that you are making the most informed decision when choosing a Covenant for your Arcane Mage.

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