Best X Borg Build In 2023

Why X Borg is a Top Pick

X Borg has been a popular hero in the Mobile Legends game since its release. With its powerful abilities and unique playstyle, X Borg has become a top pick for many players. The hero’s ability to deal high damage and sustain makes it a formidable opponent in battles. In this article, we will discuss the best X Borg build in 2023 that will help you dominate the battlefield.

The Core Items

Bloodlust Axe

The first item you should prioritize in your X Borg build is the Bloodlust Axe. This item provides X Borg with additional spell vamp, cooldown reduction, and attack power. With the spell vamp, X Borg can sustain in team fights and regain health while dealing damage to enemies. The cooldown reduction helps in spamming abilities, allowing X Borg to unleash devastating combos.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair is another essential item for X Borg. This item significantly increases X Borg’s attack power and provides a bonus damage effect against enemies with low health. With X Borg’s high burst damage, this item enhances its ability to eliminate enemies quickly. It synergizes well with X Borg’s abilities, allowing you to secure kills and turn team fights in your favor.

The Supporting Items

Endless Battle

Endless Battle is a versatile item that complements X Borg’s kit. It provides X Borg with additional attack power, cooldown reduction, and movement speed. The true damage effect from this item synergizes well with X Borg’s enhanced basic attacks, allowing you to deal massive damage to enemies. The movement speed bonus helps X Borg chase down opponents and escape dangerous situations.


As a frontline hero, X Borg needs to be durable and survive team fights. Immortality is the perfect item to ensure X Borg’s survivability. This item grants a second chance at life, reviving X Borg after being eliminated in battle. It provides X Borg with additional defense, making it harder for enemies to take you down. This item can turn the tide of battle, allowing you to make a comeback and secure victory for your team.

Other Recommended Items

Queen’s Wings

Queen’s Wings is an excellent defensive item for X Borg. It provides X Borg with additional attack power, lifesteal, and defense. The passive effect of this item reduces damage taken when X Borg’s health is low, allowing you to survive longer in critical situations. This item is especially useful against burst damage heroes or teams with high damage output.

Brute Force Breastplate

Brute Force Breastplate is a tank item that enhances X Borg’s survivability. It grants X Borg additional defense and cooldown reduction. The passive effect of this item increases X Borg’s movement speed and attack power each time it takes damage. This item is perfect for X Borg players who prefer a tankier playstyle, allowing you to absorb damage and disrupt enemy formations.


In conclusion, the best X Borg build in 2023 consists of core items like Bloodlust Axe and Blade of Despair. These items provide X Borg with high damage output and sustain, allowing it to dominate team fights. Supporting items like Endless Battle and Immortality further enhance X Borg’s abilities and survivability. Additionally, Queen’s Wings and Brute Force Breastplate are recommended items for X Borg players who prefer a defensive or tank playstyle. Mastering the best X Borg build will greatly increase your chances of victory and help you climb the ranks in Mobile Legends.

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