D3 Ambo's Pride: How To Get

What is D3 Ambo’s Pride?

D3 Ambo’s Pride is a powerful set of armor in the popular action role-playing game, Diablo 3. This legendary set is highly sought after by players due to its exceptional stats and unique bonuses. It is specifically designed for the Barbarian class, providing them with increased strength, defense, and damage. In this article, we will explore the different ways to obtain D3 Ambo’s Pride and maximize its potential.

1. Farming Greater Rifts

One of the most effective ways to acquire D3 Ambo’s Pride is by farming Greater Rifts. Greater Rifts are challenging dungeons that offer greater rewards, including legendary items like Ambo’s Pride. Pushing higher difficulty levels will increase your chances of obtaining this coveted set. Make sure to equip Magic Find gear and complete the rifts as efficiently as possible to maximize your drop rate.

2. Kadala’s Gambling

Kadala, the blood shard vendor in Diablo 3, offers players the chance to gamble their hard-earned blood shards for a variety of items, including set pieces. Spending your blood shards on armor pieces from Kadala increases your chances of obtaining D3 Ambo’s Pride. However, this method relies heavily on luck, so be prepared for potential disappointment.

3. Upgrading Rare Items

Another viable method to obtain D3 Ambo’s Pride is by upgrading rare items using the Kanai’s Cube. By gathering the required materials and using the Upgrade Rare recipe, you can transform a rare item into a legendary or set item. This method allows you to target specific slots, increasing your chances of obtaining the desired set piece.

4. Trading with Other Players

If you’re having trouble acquiring D3 Ambo’s Pride through farming or gambling, consider trading with other players. The Diablo 3 community is vast, and there are various online platforms and communities where players can trade items. Keep an eye out for players looking to trade or sell their spare Ambo’s Pride set pieces, and negotiate a fair deal.

5. Participating in Seasonal Events

Diablo 3 often introduces seasonal events that offer unique rewards and bonuses. These events provide an excellent opportunity to obtain exclusive items, including D3 Ambo’s Pride. Stay updated on the latest seasonal events and participate actively to increase your chances of acquiring the coveted set.

6. Joining Community and Clan Groups

Being a part of active community and clan groups in Diablo 3 can significantly increase your chances of obtaining D3 Ambo’s Pride. By joining like-minded players, you can participate in group activities, such as rift farming or loot sharing, increasing your chances of finding the desired set pieces. Additionally, you can also seek help or advice from experienced players within these groups.

7. Completing Set Dungeons

Set Dungeons are unique challenges designed specifically for each class’s set armor. By completing the Barbarian’s set dungeon, you have a chance to obtain D3 Ambo’s Pride. These dungeons test your mastery of the set’s abilities and mechanics, rewarding you with set-specific loot upon completion.

8. Participating in Seasonal Journey

The Seasonal Journey in Diablo 3 offers various objectives and rewards for players. By progressing through the different stages of the Seasonal Journey, you can earn Haedrig’s Gifts, which contain set items for your chosen class. Completing the Seasonal Journey as a Barbarian can grant you D3 Ambo’s Pride and other powerful set pieces.

9. Reforging Legendary Items

If you already have a duplicate or low-quality version of D3 Ambo’s Pride, you can use the Reforge Legendary recipe in Kanai’s Cube to improve its stats. This method allows you to reroll the item, potentially obtaining a better version of the set piece with improved attributes. However, be aware that this process requires a significant amount of crafting materials.

10. Participating in Seasonal Leaderboards

Seasonal Leaderboards are competitive rankings that track the progress of players in Diablo 3’s seasonal play. By actively participating in seasonal challenges, rifts, and other activities, you can climb the leaderboards and earn exclusive rewards. These rewards may include D3 Ambo’s Pride, making it a worthwhile endeavor for dedicated players.


D3 Ambo’s Pride is a highly coveted set of armor in Diablo 3, offering powerful bonuses for Barbarian players. Obtaining this legendary set can greatly enhance your gameplay experience and character’s effectiveness. By utilizing various methods, such as farming Greater Rifts, gambling with Kadala, and participating in seasonal events, you can increase your chances of acquiring D3 Ambo’s Pride. With persistence and a bit of luck, you’ll be able to don this legendary set and conquer the challenges that await in Diablo 3!

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