Do You Still Get Apex Packs After Level 500?

The Excitement of Apex Packs

If you are an avid player of Apex Legends, you know the thrill of opening Apex Packs. These virtual treasure chests contain various cosmetic items that can enhance your gaming experience. From character skins to weapon camos, Apex Packs offer a chance to personalize your gameplay. But what happens after you reach level 500? Do you still have the opportunity to obtain these coveted packs?

Leveling Up Beyond 500

Reaching level 500 in Apex Legends is a significant milestone. It demonstrates your dedication and skill in the game. However, some players have expressed concerns that the excitement of receiving Apex Packs diminishes after reaching this level. So, let’s explore whether their worries are justified.

The Apex Pack Reward System

In Apex Legends, players are rewarded with an Apex Pack for every level they gain until level 500. This means that as you progress through the ranks, you receive these packs as a token of achievement. Each pack contains three items, ranging from common to legendary rarity. The chances of obtaining higher-tier items increase as you level up.

What Happens After Level 500?

After reaching level 500, the traditional leveling system ends. However, Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends, devised a solution to keep the excitement alive for dedicated players like yourself.

The New System: Apex Pack Earn Rate

Starting from level 500, players earn one Apex Pack for every two levels they gain. This means that although the frequency of obtaining packs decreases, you still have the opportunity to unlock new cosmetic items.

The Impact on Your Collection

While the rate at which you acquire Apex Packs changes after level 500, it doesn’t mean that your collection will stagnate. With each pack, you have a chance to obtain rare, epic, or even legendary items. These additions can breathe new life into your character’s appearance and make you stand out on the battlefield.

Alternatives to Apex Packs

If you are eager to expand your collection but find the reduced earn rate of Apex Packs underwhelming, don’t worry! Respawn Entertainment has introduced additional ways to acquire cosmetic items.

Crafting Metals

One alternative is through Crafting Metals. These valuable resources can be earned from Apex Packs and can be used to directly purchase specific cosmetic items. With Crafting Metals, you have more control over what you add to your collection.

Events and Battle Passes

Respawn Entertainment frequently hosts in-game events and releases Battle Passes that offer exclusive cosmetic items. By participating in these events or purchasing the Battle Pass, you can further expand your collection and showcase unique items that not everyone may have.


So, do you still get Apex Packs after level 500? Yes, you do, although at a reduced rate. While the thrill of receiving packs may be less frequent, the chance to obtain rare, epic, and legendary items remains. Additionally, with alternatives like Crafting Metals and in-game events, your collection can continue to grow and evolve. So, keep playing Apex Legends and enjoy the excitement of unlocking new cosmetic items even after reaching level 500!

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