Dragon City Breeding Event Island

What is Dragon City Breeding Event Island?

Dragon City Breeding Event Island is an exciting feature in the popular mobile game Dragon City. It is a limited-time event where players have the opportunity to breed exclusive dragons and earn fantastic rewards. This event takes place on a special island within the game, which is accessible to all players who have reached a certain level.

How does the Breeding Event Island work?

During the Breeding Event Island, players are given a specific combination of dragons that they need to breed to obtain exclusive dragons. These combinations are often a mix of rare or legendary dragons, making the breeding process more challenging and rewarding. Players can find the required breeding combinations in the event menu, and they need to carefully select and pair the dragons in their breeding den.

Why participate in the Breeding Event Island?

The Breeding Event Island offers players a chance to obtain dragons that are not available through regular breeding or in the game’s store. These exclusive dragons often have unique abilities and appearances, making them highly desirable among players. Participating in the event also allows players to earn valuable rewards, such as gems, gold, and even special event-themed decorations for their Dragon City islands.

Strategies for success

1. Unlock higher-level dragons

To increase your chances of breeding the required dragons, it is essential to unlock higher-level dragons in your Dragon City. Leveling up your dragons will unlock more breeding possibilities and increase the pool of dragons that can be used for breeding.

2. Use breeding boosts

During the Breeding Event Island, players can use breeding boosts to improve their chances of breeding the desired dragons. These boosts can be purchased using in-game currency or obtained as rewards during the event. Using boosts increases the odds of getting the required dragons, making the breeding process more efficient.

3. Participate actively

The Breeding Event Island is a time-limited event, so it is crucial to participate actively during its duration. Make sure to check the event menu regularly for updates, as the required breeding combinations may change throughout the event. By staying informed and actively participating, you can maximize your chances of obtaining the exclusive dragons and rewards.


The Dragon City Breeding Event Island is an exciting and challenging feature that adds depth and variety to the game. It provides players with the opportunity to breed exclusive dragons, earn valuable rewards, and showcase their rare dragons on their Dragon City islands. By following the strategies mentioned above and participating actively, players can increase their chances of success in the event. So, dive into the Breeding Event Island and start breeding those legendary dragons!

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