Elementalist Build In Grim Dawn: Unleash The Power Of Fire And Lightning

The Power of the Elementalist

Are you ready to harness the raw power of fire and lightning in Grim Dawn? Look no further than the Elementalist build, a combination of the Demolitionist and Shaman masteries. This powerful class combination allows you to rain destruction upon your enemies, leaving nothing but ashes in your wake. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of the Elementalist build and guide you on your path to becoming a master of the elements.

Choosing the Right Mastery Combination

The key to a successful Elementalist build lies in choosing the right mastery combination. The Demolitionist mastery provides you with explosive skills and the ability to manipulate fire, while the Shaman mastery grants you control over the forces of lightning and the ability to summon powerful nature spirits.

By investing in the Demolitionist mastery, you gain access to skills such as “Blackwater Cocktail” and “Canister Bomb,” which allow you to deal massive fire damage to your enemies. Additionally, the mastery offers passive skills like “Blast Shield” and “Ulzuin’s Wrath,” which provide defensive bonuses and increase your overall damage output.

On the other hand, the Shaman mastery offers skills such as “Primal Strike” and “Storm Totem,” which deal devastating lightning damage to your foes. The mastery also provides passive skills like “Mogdrogen’s Pact” and “Wind Devil,” which increase your survivability and enhance your lightning damage.

Skills and Devotions

When it comes to allocating skill points, it is essential to focus on skills that synergize well with both fire and lightning damage. Invest heavily in skills like “Thermite Mines” and “Devastation” from the Demolitionist mastery, as they provide significant fire damage bonuses. Additionally, skills like “Primal Strike” and “Lightning Strike” from the Shaman mastery should be prioritized to maximize your lightning damage potential.

Furthermore, it is crucial to select the right constellations in the Devotion system to complement your chosen skills. Constellations like “Ulzuin’s Torch” and “Rhowan’s Crown” provide additional fire and lightning damage bonuses, respectively. By carefully selecting and linking constellations, you can further enhance the destructive power of your Elementalist build.

Gear and Equipment

Equipping the right gear and equipment is vital for optimizing your Elementalist build. Look for items that provide bonuses to fire and lightning damage, as well as increased elemental resistance. Items with added bonuses to skills like “Flame Touched” and “Stormcaller’s Pact” can significantly boost your damage output.

Additionally, focus on acquiring gear that provides defensive bonuses, such as increased health, armor, and resistances. This will ensure that you can withstand the onslaught of your enemies while unleashing your devastating elemental attacks.

Playing the Elementalist Build

With your mastery combination, skills, devotions, and gear in place, it’s time to put your Elementalist build to the test. The playstyle of an Elementalist is dynamic, as you alternate between fire and lightning-based attacks to decimate your enemies.

For maximum damage output, start by casting skills like “Blackwater Cocktail” and “Canister Bomb” to inflict fire damage and debuff your foes. Follow up with lightning-based skills like “Primal Strike” and “Storm Totem” to unleash devastating electrical attacks. Mix in your basic attacks to keep the pressure on your enemies.

Remember to utilize your defensive skills like “Blast Shield” and “Mogdrogen’s Pact” to protect yourself from incoming damage. The key to success as an Elementalist lies in finding the right balance between offense and defense.


The Elementalist build in Grim Dawn offers a thrilling and powerful gameplay experience. By combining the Demolitionist and Shaman masteries, you can become a master of fire and lightning, wreaking havoc upon your enemies. Remember to carefully allocate your skill points, choose the right constellations, and equip suitable gear to maximize your damage potential.

So, are you ready to wield the forces of fire and lightning? Embark on your journey as an Elementalist, and let the elements bend to your will in the world of Grim Dawn.

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