How To Draw Fnf Style

What is FNF Style?

Before we dive into the steps of drawing FNF style, let’s first understand what FNF style is. FNF, short for Friday Night Funkin’, is a popular rhythm-based indie game that has gained a massive following. The game features unique characters, vibrant colors, and a distinct art style that has captivated fans all over the world.

Gather Your Art Supplies

Before you start drawing in FNF style, make sure you have all the necessary art supplies. You will need a sketchbook, pencils, erasers, and markers or colored pencils. Having a reference image of your favorite FNF character will also be helpful, so you can accurately capture their unique features.

Start with Basic Shapes

Begin by sketching the basic shapes that form the foundation of the character. FNF characters often have exaggerated proportions, so pay attention to their head, body, and limbs. Use light pencil strokes to create these shapes, as you will be refining them later.

Add Details and Features

Once you have the basic shapes in place, start adding details and features to bring the character to life. Pay close attention to their facial expressions, hairstyles, and clothing. FNF characters are known for their expressive faces and vibrant outfits, so make sure to capture these elements accurately.

Refine Your Sketch

After adding the initial details, take a step back and analyze your sketch. Look for any areas that need refinement or adjustment. Use an eraser to make corrections and clean up any stray pencil marks. This is the stage where you can make your character look more polished and precise.

Ink Your Drawing

Once you are satisfied with your refined sketch, it’s time to ink your drawing. Use a pen or fine-tip marker to carefully go over the lines, making them bold and distinct. Take your time and be patient during this step, as it can greatly enhance the overall appearance of your artwork.

Color and Shade

Now comes the fun part – coloring your FNF drawing! Use markers or colored pencils to add vibrant colors to your character. Analyze the reference image or the FNF game itself to accurately match the colors. Don’t forget to add shading to give your drawing depth and dimension.

Experiment with Different Styles

While learning how to draw in FNF style, don’t be afraid to experiment with your own artistic flair. Add your unique touches or try different art techniques to make your drawing stand out. FNF style allows for creativity and personal interpretation, so embrace it and have fun!

Practice Regularly

Remember, practice makes perfect. Keep drawing in FNF style regularly to improve your skills and develop your own style. Explore different characters, poses, and expressions to expand your artistic abilities. The more you practice, the better you will become at capturing the essence of FNF style.

Join Art Communities

If you want to further enhance your FNF drawing skills, consider joining art communities or online forums. Connect with fellow artists who share your passion for FNF and learn from their techniques and experiences. Share your artwork, ask for feedback, and engage in discussions to grow as an artist.

Stay Inspired

Lastly, always stay inspired. Follow FNF fan pages, watch gameplay videos, and stay updated with the latest FNF trends. Surround yourself with the FNF community and immerse yourself in the world of Friday Night Funkin’. This constant exposure will keep your creativity flowing and motivate you to create amazing FNF-style artwork.


Drawing in FNF style may seem challenging at first, but with practice and dedication, you can master this unique art form. Remember to gather your art supplies, start with basic shapes, add details, refine your sketch, ink your drawing, and bring it to life with colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment and join art communities for further growth. Stay inspired and let your artistic journey in FNF style unfold!

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