How To Get A No Trespass Order In New Mexico

Understanding No Trespass Orders

Having a safe and secure environment is crucial for everyone, especially in our homes and workplaces. Unfortunately, there may be situations where we need to exclude certain individuals from our premises due to safety concerns or past incidents. In New Mexico, one legal option available to address such situations is obtaining a No Trespass Order.

What is a No Trespass Order?

A No Trespass Order is a legal document issued by a court that prohibits a specific individual from entering or remaining on certain properties. It is typically used to prevent individuals who have engaged in criminal activities, harassment, or other disruptive behaviors from accessing the premises in question.

Grounds for Obtaining a No Trespass Order

In order to obtain a No Trespass Order in New Mexico, you must have valid grounds for doing so. The most common reasons include:

1. Criminal Activity: If an individual has committed a crime on the property or poses a significant threat to the safety of others, you may seek a No Trespass Order against them.

2. Harassment or Threats: If someone has been continuously harassing or threatening you or others on the property, obtaining a No Trespass Order can provide legal protection.

3. Property Damage: If someone has caused significant property damage or vandalism, a No Trespass Order can help prevent further incidents.

The Process of Obtaining a No Trespass Order

Obtaining a No Trespass Order in New Mexico involves several steps:

1. Gather Evidence

Before seeking a No Trespass Order, gather any evidence that supports your claim. This may include police reports, witness statements, photographs of damages, or any documented instances of harassment or threats.

2. File a Petition

Visit your local district court and file a petition for a No Trespass Order. Provide all relevant information about the situation and the individual you wish to exclude from the property. The court will review your petition and schedule a hearing.

3. Attend the Hearing

Appear at the scheduled hearing and present your case to the judge. Provide all the evidence you have gathered to support your request for a No Trespass Order. If the judge finds your claim valid, they will issue the order.

4. Serve the Order

Once the order is issued, it must be served to the individual you wish to exclude from the property. This can be done by a law enforcement officer or a process server. It is crucial to ensure that the individual is aware of the order and understands its implications.

Consequences of Violating a No Trespass Order

A No Trespass Order is a legally binding document, and violating it can result in serious consequences. If the individual disregards the order and enters the property, they may face criminal charges, fines, and even imprisonment. It is essential to report any violations to the authorities immediately.

Renewing or Modifying a No Trespass Order

In some cases, you may need to renew or modify a No Trespass Order. If the situation has not improved or new incidents have occurred, you can request an extension or modification of the existing order. Visit the court that issued the original order and follow the necessary procedures.


Obtaining a No Trespass Order in New Mexico can provide a sense of security and peace of mind when dealing with individuals who pose a threat to your safety or property. By following the proper legal procedures, gathering evidence, and presenting your case to the court, you can take necessary measures to protect yourself and your premises.

Remember, it is crucial to consult with a legal professional to ensure you understand the specific requirements and processes involved in obtaining a No Trespass Order in New Mexico.

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