King Of Avalon Dragon War Stronghold Level 17

Unlocking the Power of a Stronghold Level 17

As we step into the year 2023, King of Avalon players are eager to conquer the Dragon War and reach new heights in their gameplay. One crucial aspect of this journey is upgrading the stronghold to level 17. In this article, we will delve into the significance of this milestone and the benefits it brings to players.

Building a Stronghold Fit for a King

A stronghold serves as the central hub of a player’s kingdom, providing protection, resources, and the foundation for all other structures. Upgrading it to level 17 is a testament to a player’s strategic prowess and dedication to becoming a formidable force in the realm of King of Avalon.

Unleashing the Power of Dragon War

With a stronghold at level 17, players gain access to the highly anticipated Dragon War feature. This new aspect of gameplay allows players to participate in epic battles against fierce dragons, leading their armies to victory and reaping rich rewards.

Advantages of a Stronghold Level 17

1. Enhanced Resource Production

One of the primary benefits of upgrading the stronghold to level 17 is the significant boost in resource production. Players can now gather more food, wood, iron, and silver, providing them with the necessary materials to upgrade other structures and train powerful troops.

2. Expanded Troop Capacity

A level 17 stronghold also grants players an increased troop capacity. This means they can train and send out larger armies to battle, making their attacks more potent and their defenses more resilient.

3. Access to Advanced Technologies

With the stronghold at level 17, players unlock access to advanced technologies that can be researched in the University. These technologies provide various upgrades, such as increased troop stats, faster construction times, and improved resource gathering efficiency.

4. Greater Alliance Benefits

Being part of an alliance is crucial in King of Avalon, and a level 17 stronghold further strengthens the bond with alliance members. Players can contribute more resources to alliance buildings, unlock new alliance technologies, and receive additional benefits from alliance buffs.

Strategies for Upgrading to Level 17

1. Plan Ahead

Before embarking on the journey to level 17, it is essential to have a well-thought-out plan. Ensure that you have enough resources, troops, and alliance support to sustain the upgrade process smoothly.

2. Focus on Research

Prioritize researching technologies in the University that directly benefit the stronghold upgrade. These technologies can reduce construction time and resource requirements, making the progression faster and more efficient.

3. Gather Resources Strategically

Resource management plays a vital role in upgrading the stronghold. Focus on gathering the required resources strategically, targeting high-level resource tiles, participating in events, and utilizing the help of alliance members.

4. Strengthen Alliances

Forge strong alliances and collaborate with fellow players to maximize the benefits of a level 17 stronghold. Engage in alliance activities, coordinate attacks, and share resources to accelerate the upgrade process.


Reaching a stronghold level 17 is a significant milestone for players in King of Avalon. It unlocks new features, enhances resource production, expands troop capacity, and fosters greater alliance benefits. With careful planning, strategic resource management, and strong alliances, players can embark on this journey and dominate the Dragon War like true kings.

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