Lords Mobile Saberfang Lineup

Unleash the Power of the Saberfang Lineup in Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is a popular strategy game that offers players a chance to build and expand their own empire. One of the key elements in the game is creating powerful lineups to defeat enemies and conquer territories. In this article, we will explore the Saberfang lineup, a formidable force that can dominate the battlefield.

The Basics of the Saberfang Lineup

The Saberfang lineup is centered around the powerful Saberfang hero, who is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. This lineup focuses on dealing massive damage and overpowering opponents with sheer strength. To create a successful Saberfang lineup, you need to carefully select the supporting heroes and troops that complement his abilities.

The Saberfang hero has several powerful skills that make him a formidable opponent. His “Ferocious Roar” skill increases the attack of all allied troops, while his “Rampage” skill deals damage to all enemies in his path. Additionally, his ultimate skill, “Unleash the Beast,” unleashes his full power, increasing his attack and defense significantly.

Selecting the Right Supporting Heroes

To maximize the effectiveness of the Saberfang lineup, it is crucial to choose the right supporting heroes. One of the key heroes to consider is the Tracker, whose “Predator’s Instinct” skill increases the attack of all ranged troops. This complements the Saberfang hero’s abilities, as he is a melee attacker.

Another important hero is the Rose Knight, whose “War Horn” skill increases the defense of all allied troops. This is particularly useful in keeping the frontline troops alive, as they will be taking the brunt of the enemy’s attacks.

The Scarlet Bolt is another hero that synergizes well with the Saberfang lineup. Her “Bolt Strike” skill deals massive damage to a single target, making her a valuable damage dealer alongside the Saberfang hero.

Optimizing Your Troop Composition

In addition to selecting the right heroes, it is essential to optimize your troop composition for the Saberfang lineup. The Saberfang hero is a melee attacker, so it is recommended to have a strong frontline of infantry troops to protect him. The Phalanx and Swordsmen are excellent choices for this role, as they have high defense and can withstand enemy attacks.

To complement the melee attackers, it is also important to have ranged troops that can deal damage from a distance. The Ballista and Crossbowmen are ideal choices for this role, as they have high attack and can target enemies from afar.

Strategies for Success

When using the Saberfang lineup, it is important to have a well-coordinated strategy to maximize its effectiveness. One strategy is to focus on taking out the enemy’s backline, where their ranged troops and healers are located. The Saberfang hero can charge through the frontline and target the vulnerable backline, while the supporting heroes and troops provide backup.

Another strategy is to use the Saberfang hero’s “Rampage” skill to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. This can be particularly effective when facing large groups of enemies or during sieges. By unleashing his full power with the “Unleash the Beast” skill, the Saberfang hero can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.


The Saberfang lineup in Lords Mobile offers a thrilling and powerful gameplay experience. By selecting the right supporting heroes and optimizing your troop composition, you can create a formidable force that dominates the battlefield. Whether you’re facing enemy players or challenging PvE battles, the Saberfang lineup is sure to deliver victory. Unleash the power of the Saberfang and conquer your enemies in Lords Mobile!

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