Maplestory Legion Leveling Guide

What is MapleStory Legion?

MapleStory Legion is a feature in the popular MMORPG game, MapleStory. It allows players to create and manage a legion of characters, each representing a different class in the game. Legion characters can provide various benefits and bonuses to the player’s main character, making it an essential aspect of gameplay.

Why is Legion Leveling Important?

Leveling up your legion in MapleStory is crucial as it unlocks additional Legion bonuses and increases the overall power of your main character. Legion leveling allows you to strengthen your character’s abilities, stats, and skills, making it easier to tackle challenging quests, dungeons, and bosses.

Legion Leveling Guide

1. Create Multiple Characters

The first step in Legion leveling is to create multiple characters, each representing a different class. This diversity will allow you to unlock a wide range of Legion bonuses and maximize the benefits for your main character. Make sure to choose classes that complement each other.

2. Complete Daily Missions

MapleStory offers daily missions that provide significant experience points (EXP) for your legion characters. Completing these missions every day is essential for efficient leveling. Focus on quests that offer the highest EXP rewards, and don’t forget to claim your daily login rewards as well.

3. Utilize Burning Events

Burning events are special events in MapleStory that grant additional EXP to newly created characters. Take advantage of these events and create new legion characters during the burning period to level them up quickly. This will help you progress through Legion ranks faster.

4. Take Advantage of Events

MapleStory regularly hosts events that provide various bonuses, including increased EXP gains. Participate in these events to level up your legion characters more efficiently. Keep an eye on the official MapleStory website or in-game announcements to stay informed about upcoming events.

5. Use EXP Boosters

EXP boosters, such as EXP coupons or items, can significantly speed up your legion leveling process. Use them strategically during training sessions or when completing quests to maximize the EXP gains. You can acquire these boosters through events, the cash shop, or by trading with other players.

6. Focus on Training

Training your legion characters in areas suitable for their respective levels is vital for efficient leveling. Choose maps with monsters that offer high EXP and are within your characters’ level range. Optimize your training sessions by utilizing appropriate skills and strategies to defeat monsters quickly.

7. Join a Guild

Joining a guild in MapleStory provides numerous benefits, including EXP bonuses. Guild members can contribute to each other’s legion leveling by sharing EXP buffs or partying up for group training sessions. Additionally, guilds often organize guild events or quests that reward significant EXP.

8. Enhance Your Gear

Equipping your legion characters with suitable gear and enhancing them can improve their overall performance and leveling speed. Enhancements, such as enhancing weapons or armor, can boost your characters’ damage output and survivability, making training more efficient.

9. Complete Achievements

Achievements in MapleStory offer various rewards, including EXP. Keep track of the available achievements and focus on completing those that provide significant EXP gains. Some achievements may require specific tasks or challenges, so plan your gameplay accordingly.

10. Utilize Link Skills

Link skills are unique abilities that can be shared between your legion characters and your main character. These skills provide additional stats and bonuses, significantly enhancing your main character’s power. Level up your legion characters to unlock and utilize their link skills effectively.

11. Participate in Boss Fights

Boss fights in MapleStory can reward significant EXP and valuable items. Participate in boss fights with your legion characters to gain both experience and useful rewards. Coordinate with other players or guild members to tackle challenging bosses and maximize your gains.

12. Complete Daily Dungeons

Daily dungeons, such as the Monster Park or Commerci voyages, provide valuable EXP and rewards. Make sure to complete these dungeons every day with your legion characters to maximize your leveling progress. The rewards obtained can also contribute to enhancing your legion characters’ gear.

13. Use EXP Coupons Strategically

EXP coupons are consumable items that provide temporary EXP boosts. Use them strategically during training sessions or when completing quests that offer high EXP rewards. Save them for moments when you can make the most out of the increased EXP gains.

14. Maximize Legion Bonuses

As your legion level increases, you will unlock various Legion bonuses, such as increased stats or skill enhancements. Make sure to allocate your legion characters strategically to maximize these bonuses for your main character. Plan your legion composition and placement accordingly.

15. Stay Consistent and Patience

Legion leveling in MapleStory requires consistency and patience. It may take time to reach higher legion levels, but the rewards and benefits are worth it. Stay dedicated, follow the leveling strategies, and enjoy the journey of growing your legion and strengthening your main character.

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