Maplestory Reboot Solo Progression Guide

What is MapleStory Reboot?

MapleStory Reboot is a unique server in the popular MMORPG, MapleStory. Unlike the regular servers, the Reboot server offers a more challenging and rewarding gameplay experience. In the Reboot server, players cannot trade with other players, making it a solo-focused journey. This guide will provide you with the necessary information to progress in MapleStory Reboot as a solo player.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the progression guide, it’s important to understand the basics of MapleStory Reboot. The server features a different economy system, where you earn mesos (in-game currency) through various activities such as monster hunting, bossing, and farming. Mesos can be used to enhance your gear, purchase items from NPCs, and more.

Create a Strong Foundation

Building a strong foundation is crucial in MapleStory Reboot. Start by choosing a class that suits your playstyle and invest time in understanding its mechanics. Familiarize yourself with the various game systems, such as potential, cubing, and star enhancement, as they play a vital role in enhancing your gear.

Focus on Training

Training is a significant aspect of progressing in MapleStory Reboot. Complete quests, defeat monsters, and participate in events to gain experience points and level up. As you level up, you’ll unlock new areas, quests, and stronger monsters to challenge. Aim to reach the maximum level to access end-game content.

Enhancing Your Gear

Enhancing your gear is essential for tackling tougher challenges in MapleStory Reboot. There are several ways to enhance your gear, including potential, cubing, and star enhancement.


Potential allows you to unlock additional stats on your equipment. Obtain equipment with potential, and use cubes to reroll them for better stats. Aim for potential lines that boost your primary stats, critical rate, and damage.


Cubing is the process of rerolling the potential lines on your equipment. Use various cubes, such as Master Craftsman’s Cubes and Meister’s Cubes, to improve your gear’s potential. Prioritize cubing your weapon and secondary weapon first, as they provide significant boosts to your damage.

Star Enhancement

Star enhancement increases the stats of your equipment. Use star force to enhance your gear, but be cautious, as failed enhancements can decrease the star level or destroy the item. Start by enhancing your weapon, secondary weapon, and emblem, as they have the most significant impact on your damage.

Obtaining Mesos

Earning mesos is crucial for progressing in MapleStory Reboot. Here are some effective methods to obtain mesos as a solo player:

Monster Hunting

Defeat monsters in various maps to collect mesos and valuable items. Focus on areas with higher-level monsters for better drops. Some monsters also have a chance to drop valuable equipment that can be sold for mesos.


Challenge powerful bosses to earn mesos and rare equipment. The more difficult the boss, the higher the rewards. Participate in daily boss runs and join boss parties to maximize your earnings.


Engage in farming activities, such as mining and herbalism, to gather valuable resources that can be sold for mesos. Explore different maps to find hidden veins and herbs for a steady income.

Progressing in the End-Game

Once you’ve built a strong foundation, enhanced your gear, and accumulated mesos, it’s time to tackle the end-game content in MapleStory Reboot. Here are some goals to strive for:

Defeat Powerful Bosses

Take on the toughest bosses in MapleStory Reboot, such as Chaos Root Abyss and Hard Magnus. Defeating these bosses will reward you with powerful equipment and valuable drops.

Complete Arcane River Questline

Arcane River is an expansive area with challenging quests and powerful enemies. Progress through the questline, defeat the bosses, and unlock the Arcane Symbols system to further enhance your stats.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild in MapleStory Reboot provides numerous benefits. You can participate in guild events, boss runs, and receive assistance from fellow guild members. Additionally, guilds often have access to exclusive content and buffs.

Upgrade and Perfect Your Gear

Continuously work on enhancing your gear, obtaining better potential lines, and increasing star levels. As you progress, aim for end-game gear sets, such as the Absolab and Arcane sets, to maximize your damage potential.


Progressing in MapleStory Reboot as a solo player requires dedication and strategic planning. Focus on building a strong foundation, enhancing your gear, and accumulating mesos to tackle the end-game content. Remember to enjoy the journey and seek assistance from fellow players whenever needed. Good luck on your solo progression in MapleStory Reboot!

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