Miss Fortune Build Urf In 2023: Dominate The Game With This Powerful Build

Unleash the Power of Miss Fortune in URF Mode

If you are a League of Legends enthusiast, you must be familiar with URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) mode. In this fast-paced game mode, champions have reduced cooldowns and increased attack speed, allowing for intense battles and rapid gameplay. One champion that excels in URF mode is Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter. In this article, we will explore the best build for Miss Fortune in URF mode in 2023 and help you dominate the game with her immense power.

Understanding Miss Fortune’s Abilities

Before diving into the build, let’s briefly go over Miss Fortune’s abilities. Her passive, Love Tap, deals bonus damage to targets that have been recently hit by her basic attacks or abilities. Her Q ability, Double Up, allows her to shoot a bullet that bounces to a nearby enemy, dealing damage to both targets. Her W ability, Strut, grants her bonus movement speed and boosts her attack speed temporarily. Her E ability, Make It Rain, rains bullets down in an area, slowing enemies and dealing magic damage. Finally, her ultimate ability, Bullet Time, channels a flurry of bullets in a cone, dealing massive damage to all enemies in its path.

The Ultimate URF Build for Miss Fortune

Now that we understand Miss Fortune’s abilities, let’s explore the ultimate URF build for her. This build focuses on maximizing her burst damage and capitalizing on her strengths in URF mode. Here is the recommended build:

1. Starting Items: Doran’s Blade and Health Potion

At the beginning of the game, start with Doran’s Blade and a Health Potion. Doran’s Blade provides bonus attack damage, lifesteal, and bonus health, giving you a strong early game presence.

2. First Core Item: Essence Reaver

After accumulating some gold, prioritize purchasing Essence Reaver. This item provides attack damage, bonus critical strike chance, and cooldown reduction. The cooldown reduction is crucial in URF mode, allowing you to spam your abilities more frequently.

3. Second Core Item: Infinity Edge

To further enhance your damage output, aim for Infinity Edge as your second core item. This item significantly increases your critical strike damage, making your attacks hit like a truck. Combined with Essence Reaver, you will have a deadly combination in your arsenal.

4. Boots: Berserker’s Greaves

As Miss Fortune heavily relies on her basic attacks, it is essential to have increased attack speed. Invest in Berserker’s Greaves to boost your attack speed, allowing you to deal more damage in a shorter amount of time.

5. Situational Items: Rapid Firecannon and Guardian Angel

Depending on the game situation, you can consider purchasing Rapid Firecannon and Guardian Angel as situational items. Rapid Firecannon extends your attack range and provides bonus critical strike chance, while Guardian Angel revives you upon death, giving you a second chance to turn the tides of battle.

6. Ability Maxing Order: R > Q > W > E

When playing Miss Fortune in URF mode, prioritize maxing your ultimate ability, Bullet Time, whenever possible. This ability deals immense damage and can wipe out multiple enemies at once. After maxing your ultimate, focus on maxing Double Up (Q) for increased damage output. Max Strut (W) next for better mobility and increased attack speed, and finally, max Make It Rain (E) for additional crowd control and damage.

7. Playstyle Tips for URF Mode

In URF mode, the gameplay is frantic, and battles are intense. To make the most of your Miss Fortune build, keep the following playstyle tips in mind:

– Position yourself wisely: As Miss Fortune, positioning is key. Take advantage of your increased movement speed from Strut to maneuver around the battlefield and find the perfect spot to unleash your abilities.

– Utilize your ultimate strategically: Bullet Time is a game-changer in team fights. Wait for the opportune moment to channel your ultimate and decimate multiple enemies at once. Coordinate with your team to set up devastating combos.

– Take advantage of Love Tap: Remember to utilize Miss Fortune’s passive, Love Tap, by attacking different targets in quick succession. This will maximize your damage output and make the most of her abilities.

– Farm and push lanes: While team fights are crucial, don’t neglect farming and pushing lanes. Miss Fortune excels at wave clear, so take advantage of it to gain a gold and experience advantage over your opponents.


In conclusion, if you want to dominate URF mode in 2023, Miss Fortune is an excellent choice. By following the recommended build and utilizing her abilities effectively, you can unleash her immense power and become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Position yourself wisely, make the most of her ultimate, and take advantage of Love Tap to maximize your damage. With the right strategy and this powerful Miss Fortune build, victory will be within your grasp.

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