Scary Horror Escape Level 2 Answer: Unraveling The Mystery


Welcome to the thrilling world of Scary Horror Escape Level 2! This spine-chilling game has captivated players with its eerie atmosphere and mind-bending puzzles. In this article, we will unravel the answers to Level 2, guiding you through the challenges that await.

The Haunted Mansion

Level 2 takes place in a haunted mansion, where you find yourself trapped. The eerie silence is broken only by the sound of your own heartbeat, and you must gather your wits to escape. The mansion is filled with hidden clues, mysterious objects, and puzzles that will test your problem-solving skills to the limit.

The Locked Door Puzzle

As you explore the mansion, you come across a locked door that seems impossible to open. This is the first major puzzle of Level 2, and finding the answer is crucial to progress further. The key to solving this puzzle lies in paying attention to your surroundings and searching for hidden clues.

The Forgotten Diary

While rummaging through a dusty bookshelf, you stumble upon a forgotten diary. Its pages are filled with cryptic messages and riddles that hold the key to unlocking the door. As you decipher the diary’s secrets, you uncover a hidden compartment that contains a crucial clue.

The Enigmatic Painting

One of the most intriguing objects in the mansion is an enigmatic painting hanging on the wall. Its mysterious depiction hides a secret mechanism that, when unlocked, reveals another clue. By closely examining the painting and experimenting with its elements, you can uncover its hidden message.

The Abandoned Study Room

In the depths of the mansion, you stumble upon an abandoned study room. Its shelves are filled with dusty books and strange artifacts. As you explore further, you discover a hidden safe behind a bookcase. To unlock it, you must solve a complex puzzle involving numbers, symbols, and patterns.

The Ghastly Portrait

Hanging above the fireplace in the study room is a ghastly portrait that seems to follow your every move. This portrait holds a clue that will lead you closer to the truth. By examining the painting from different angles and interacting with its elements, you can uncover a hidden compartment with a key inside.

The Forgotten Laboratory

As you venture deeper into the mansion, you discover a forgotten laboratory. Bottles filled with strange liquids line the shelves, and old equipment sits covered in dust. In this room, you encounter a complex chemical puzzle that requires you to mix various substances in the correct proportions to reveal the final clue.

The Haunted Piano

In the heart of the mansion, you stumble upon a haunted piano that plays eerie melodies on its own. The keys hold the key to escape, but you must press them in a specific sequence to unlock the final door. Pay close attention to the notes and clues scattered throughout the mansion to solve this musical puzzle.

The Final Door

After overcoming numerous challenges and collecting all the clues, you finally reach the final door. This door is a culmination of all the puzzles you have solved so far. The answers to the previous puzzles hold the key to unlocking this door and escaping the mansion once and for all.


Scary Horror Escape Level 2 is a thrilling adventure that tests your intelligence, observation skills, and problem-solving abilities. By unraveling the answers to the various puzzles and challenges, you can escape the haunted mansion and uncover the truth hidden within its walls. So, put on your detective hat and immerse yourself in this bone-chilling world of mystery and suspense!

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