Smash Bros Wii U Tier List 2024

Understanding the Tier List in Super Smash Bros Wii U

Super Smash Bros Wii U has been a popular game since its release in 2014. One of the most debated topics amongst players is the tier list, which ranks the characters based on their overall power and viability in competitive play. The tier list is constantly evolving as new strategies are discovered and patches are released. In this article, we will discuss the Smash Bros Wii U tier list for the year 2024 and provide insights into the current standings of the characters.

The Top Tier Characters

At the top of the tier list for 2024, we have characters like Mario, Fox, and Pikachu. These characters have consistently shown exceptional performance in tournaments and are considered the strongest picks for competitive play. Their versatile move sets, speed, and power make them formidable opponents in the hands of skilled players.

The High Tier Characters

Following the top tier, we have characters like Sheik, Zero Suit Samus, and Marth. These characters have a strong presence in the competitive scene and can often be seen in the later stages of tournaments. While they may not have the same dominance as the top tier characters, they still offer a range of powerful moves and strategies that can lead to victory.

The Mid Tier Characters

In the middle of the tier list, we have characters like Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Kirby. These characters have their strengths and weaknesses, but they are still viable options for competitive play. Skilled players can utilize their unique abilities and playstyles to outsmart their opponents and secure victories.

The Low Tier Characters

At the lower end of the tier list, we have characters like Ganondorf, Jigglypuff, and Roy. These characters are considered less viable in the competitive scene due to their limitations in terms of speed, range, and overall power. However, that doesn’t mean they are completely ineffective. In the hands of a dedicated and skilled player, these characters can still pose a threat and surprise their opponents.

The Bottom Tier Characters

Finally, we have the bottom tier characters, including characters like Pichu, Zelda, and Ridley. These characters are generally considered the weakest picks for competitive play. They often lack the necessary tools and options to compete effectively at higher levels of play. While they may have their loyal fan base, it’s rare to see them achieve significant success in competitive tournaments.

Factors Affecting the Tier List

Several factors contribute to the placement of characters in the tier list. These include:

Matchup Spread

The matchup spread refers to how well a character performs against the rest of the roster. Characters with favorable matchups against many other characters tend to rank higher in the tier list.

Tournament Results

Tournament results play a significant role in determining a character’s placement in the tier list. Consistent success in high-level tournaments can elevate a character’s ranking, while poor results can lead to a drop in the tier list.

Character Balance Changes

Balance changes implemented by the game developers can also impact the tier list. Buffs (improvements) or nerfs (reductions) to a character’s abilities can significantly alter their viability in competitive play.

The Evolving Nature of the Tier List

It’s important to note that the tier list is not set in stone and can change over time. New strategies and techniques can emerge, shifting the balance of power between characters. Additionally, developers may release patches or updates that can alter a character’s abilities, potentially impacting their placement in the tier list.

Players should keep an eye on the competitive scene, follow updates from the game developers, and experiment with different characters to stay informed about the current state of the tier list.


The Smash Bros Wii U tier list for 2024 provides valuable insights into the current standings of the characters in competitive play. Understanding the tier list can help players make informed decisions when choosing their main character and developing strategies for success. Remember, while the tier list is a useful tool, it’s ultimately the player’s skill and dedication that will determine their success in the game. So, keep practicing, stay updated, and have fun smashing!

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