Soul Land Reload Tier List: The Ultimate Guide For 2023

What is Soul Land Reload?

Soul Land Reload is an immensely popular anime and web novel series that has captured the hearts of millions around the world. Set in a fantasy world, it follows the journey of Tang San, a young boy who is reincarnated into a new world with powerful martial arts abilities. With an engaging plot, captivating characters, and thrilling battles, Soul Land Reload has become a sensation in the world of anime and manga.

Understanding the Tier List

As Soul Land Reload features a vast array of characters with varying strengths and abilities, a tier list is essential to understand the power dynamics of the series. A tier list ranks characters based on their power levels, helping fans and enthusiasts identify the strongest and weakest characters. This guide presents an updated tier list for 2023, providing insights into the characters’ abilities and their positions in the hierarchy.

SSS Tier

In the top tier of the tier list, we have the SSS tier, which consists of the most powerful characters in Soul Land Reload. These characters possess god-like abilities and can single-handedly change the course of battles. Tang San, the protagonist of the series, is undoubtedly the strongest character in this tier. With his unrivaled martial arts skills and incredible spirit power, Tang San stands above all others. He is closely followed by Xiao Wu, his beloved partner, who possesses immense strength and agility.

SS Tier

In the SS tier, we have characters who are incredibly powerful and can easily defeat most opponents. While not on the same level as the SSS tier, these characters are formidable and play crucial roles in the series. Characters like Oscar, Dai Mubai, and Ning Rongrong showcase exceptional strength, unique abilities, and strategic prowess.

S Tier

Next up, we have the S tier, which comprises characters who are significantly strong but fall slightly short of the SS tier. These characters are still formidable and play pivotal roles in the story. In this tier, we find characters like Zhu Zhuqing, Ma Hongjun, and Tang Wulin, who possess powerful martial arts abilities and unique spirit powers.

A Tier

The A tier consists of characters who are considerably strong but are overshadowed by those in higher tiers. These characters can hold their own in battles and have impressive abilities. Characters like Xie Xie, Jiang Zhu, and Gu Yuena fall into this tier, showcasing their skills and contributing to the overall narrative.

B Tier

Moving down the tier list, we have the B tier, where characters possess moderate strength and abilities. While not as powerful as those in higher tiers, B-tier characters still make a noticeable impact on the story. Characters like Tang Xiaolei, Yue Qingqiu, and Ye Xinglan fall into this tier, showcasing their growth and development throughout the series.

C Tier

In the C tier, we find characters with average strength and abilities. While they may not be the strongest, they still play important roles in the narrative and contribute to the overall plot. Characters like Xiao Yan, Yang Wudi, and Xie Yue fit into this tier, showcasing their determination and resilience despite their limitations.

D Tier

The D tier consists of characters who are relatively weaker compared to others in the series. They may lack the raw power of higher-tier characters, but they still possess unique abilities and contribute to the story’s development. Characters like Yu Xiaogang, Flender, and Liu Erlong fall into this tier, showcasing their support roles and their impact on the main characters’ growth.

E Tier

In the bottom tier of the tier list, we have the E tier, which includes characters with minimal strength and abilities. These characters often serve as supporting characters and provide comedic relief throughout the series. While they may not be the most powerful, their presence adds depth and diversity to the story. Characters like Zhao Wuji, Zhao Guei, and Gui Mei fall into this tier.


Understanding the tier list is crucial for fans and enthusiasts of Soul Land Reload, as it provides insights into the power dynamics of the series. From the god-like abilities of the SSS tier to the comedic relief of the E tier, every character contributes to the overall narrative in their unique way. As the series progresses, characters may move up or down the tier list, reflecting their growth and development. So, dive into the world of Soul Land Reload and discover the power levels of your favorite characters!

Disclaimer: This tier list is based on personal opinions and may vary from individual preferences. The power dynamics in Soul Land Reload are subject to change as the series progresses.

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