Summoners War Punisher's Crypt Team Guide 2023

Mastering the Punisher’s Crypt: A Comprehensive Team Guide

Summoners War, the immensely popular mobile game, continues to captivate players with its vast collection of monsters and strategic gameplay. One of the most challenging dungeons in the game is the Punisher’s Crypt, which requires a well-constructed team to conquer. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of building a successful Punisher’s Crypt team in 2023.

The Punisher’s Crypt Dungeon: An Overview

The Punisher’s Crypt is a PvE dungeon that tests your team’s ability to endure relentless waves of enemies and annihilate the powerful boss at the end. Unlike other dungeons, the Punisher’s Crypt focuses on dealing damage rather than relying on crowd control or healing. It is crucial to construct a team that maximizes damage output while surviving the onslaught of enemy attacks.

Key Monsters for the Punisher’s Crypt Team

Building a successful Punisher’s Crypt team starts with selecting the right monsters. Here are some key monsters that excel in this dungeon:

1. Loren: Loren, the Light Cow Girl, is an exceptional monster for the Punisher’s Crypt. Her multi-hit attacks and attack break debuffs significantly reduce the boss’s damage output, increasing your team’s chances of survival.

2. Raoq: Raoq, the Fire Inugami, is another valuable addition to your team. His high damage output and continuous damage effects help wear down the boss’s health steadily. Additionally, Raoq’s passive ability allows him to attack again if he kills an enemy, further increasing the team’s damage potential.

3. Kro: Kro, the Dark Inugami, is a must-have monster for the Punisher’s Crypt team. His third skill, “Hunt,” deals massive damage based on the boss’s max HP, making him a potent damage dealer. Pair him with monsters that can apply defense break debuffs for maximum effectiveness.

4. Fran: Fran, the Light Fairy Queen, offers invaluable support to your Punisher’s Crypt team. Her healing abilities, attack buff, and immunity provide sustainability and damage amplification, ensuring your team’s longevity in the dungeon.

Team Composition and Strategy

Now that we have identified some key monsters, let’s discuss an effective team composition and strategy for the Punisher’s Crypt:

1. Loren (Leader): As the team leader, Loren provides a leader skill that increases the attack power of all allies in dungeons. Additionally, her attack break debuff helps mitigate damage from the boss.

2. Raoq: Raoq’s primary role is to deal damage and apply continuous damage effects. His second skill, “Surprise Box,” has a chance to apply a continuous damage effect, wearing down the boss over time.

3. Kro: Kro is the main damage dealer in this team. His third skill, “Hunt,” inflicts massive damage based on the boss’s max HP. Pair him with monsters that can apply defense break debuffs for optimal damage output.

4. Fran: Fran provides crucial support to the team. Her healing abilities ensure that your team stays alive throughout the battle, while her attack buff and immunity enhance damage output and protect against harmful debuffs.

5. Sigmarus: Sigmarus, the Water Phoenix, is an excellent addition to this team. His third skill, “Squall,” deals significant damage and scales with enemy max HP. Additionally, Sigmarus brings crowd control with his second skill, “Freezing Breath,” which freezes the boss, buying your team more time to deal damage.

With this team composition, the strategy revolves around maximizing damage output and surviving the boss’s attacks:

1. Stage 1-4: Use Loren’s first skill to apply attack break debuffs on the boss, reducing its damage output. Focus on eliminating the minions while wearing down the boss’s health with continuous damage effects from Raoq and Sigmarus.

2. Boss Stage: Ensure Fran’s attack buff and immunity are active before entering the boss stage. Use Loren’s second skill to apply additional attack break debuffs. Kro and Sigmarus should focus on dealing damage, while Raoq and Fran provide continuous damage effects and healing support when necessary.

3. Timing of Skills: Coordinate the timing of skills to maximize damage output. Use Loren’s third skill to strip the boss’s beneficial effects before unleashing Kro’s devastating “Hunt” skill. Sigmarus’s freezing crowd control should be timed to interrupt the boss’s powerful attacks.


Mastering the Punisher’s Crypt in Summoners War requires a well-constructed team and strategic gameplay. By selecting the right monsters and employing an effective team composition and strategy, you can conquer this challenging dungeon and reap its rewards. Experiment with different combinations and refine your team to achieve optimal results. Good luck, summoner!

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