Vault Key In Apex Season 9

Unlocking the Secrets of the Vault Key

Apex Legends Season 9 brings exciting new updates to the popular battle royale game, including the highly anticipated Vault Key. In this article, we will delve into the details of this coveted item and explore how it can help players gain an advantage in the game.

What is the Vault Key?

The Vault Key is a special item that can be found in Apex Legends Season 9. It is a key that unlocks hidden vaults scattered throughout the map. These vaults are filled with valuable loot and weapons, making them a desirable destination for any player looking to gear up.

Finding the Vault Key

Securing a Vault Key requires some luck and skill. They can be found in specific loot containers, such as Care Packages or Supply Bins. However, the chances of finding a Vault Key are relatively low, adding an element of rarity and excitement to the gameplay.

Using the Vault Key

Once a player acquires a Vault Key, they must locate a vault on the map to utilize it. Vaults are typically hidden in areas that are out of the way or difficult to reach, encouraging players to explore and strategize. Once the vault is found, the player can use the key to unlock it and gain access to the treasures within.

The Rewards Inside

Opening a vault with a Vault Key rewards players with high-tier loot, including powerful weapons, rare attachments, and valuable armor. These items can greatly enhance a player’s chances of survival and success in the game. However, be prepared for intense battles as other players might also be drawn to the vault’s riches.

Strategies for Maximizing Vault Key Usage

When in possession of a Vault Key, it’s crucial to plan your approach carefully. Here are a few strategies to consider:

1. Team Coordination: Communicate with your squad and decide on the best course of action before using the key. This ensures that everyone is prepared and ready to defend against potential threats.

2. Timing: Timing is everything in Apex Legends. Consider using the Vault Key when the circle is closing in or during a moment of distraction for other players. This can give you an advantage and minimize the risk of being ambushed.

3. Baiting: Use the Vault Key as bait to lure other players into a trap. Leave a decoy behind while your team waits in a strategic position, ready to eliminate unsuspecting enemies.


The introduction of the Vault Key in Apex Legends Season 9 adds an exciting new dimension to the gameplay. Players now have the opportunity to seek out hidden vaults and reap the rewards of high-tier loot. However, acquiring and using the Vault Key requires careful planning and strategy. So, gear up, communicate with your squad, and seize the opportunity to unlock the secrets of the vaults in Apex Legends Season 9!

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